Sunday, December 05, 2010

Picture Book Advent :"The Stone" by By Dianne Hofmeyr, Jude Daly

 A retelling of the story told to Marco Polo about the Magi of Saveh, three wise men from a town in Persia, who followed a strange star and find a special child. Marco Polo described the tombs of the Magi in his travel book, Il Milione:
"In Persia is the city of Saba, from which the Three Magi set out... and in this city they are buried, in three very large and beautiful monuments, side by side. And above them there is a square building, beautifully kept. The bodies are still entire, with hair and beard remaining."

Love this book! The story of the three kings but told in a less usual though in my opinion highly acceptable way! 
It fits in/ties up so neatly and profoundly our geography study of the middle east.Leaves us with thoughts to think on and actions to take! Highly recommend it!
Evocative images add to the Persian atmposphere. I love the ending. A great take on the impact of Christ’s light within us shing out to the world:

"then each person carried the flame away,back to all the faraway places of the earth,for all mankind to share.”

Balsar’s eyes shone:”The child accepted all three of our gifts. He must be all three things..”
“What three things?” demanded Jasper.
“The true king. The true healer and the true Holy One.”

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