Thursday, December 02, 2010

Picture Book Advent :Through The Animals Eyes by Christopher Wormell

Day Two:
Through the Animals Eyes by Christopher Wormell

what can I say? I often choose picture books and will continue to do so for their art. And this is no exception. The moment I looked at the cover I knew this would be a book that would "grab my boys in". Seriously if you enjoy good art, and love nature you will be the same!

This is a book to be studied long after advent and Christmas seasons are over. The book gives us more than the "simple" story too but adds to our knowledge of middle eastern animals.A further "rabbit trail pending.

We read quite a sizeable biography at the end of the book about the author/ illustrator, delighted to find that he "cut his teeth" on an assembly line of lino-cut Christmas cards before developing his own particular style of wood-cuts.(wood-cuts? lino-cuts? already a study to come back too)

Finally ds9 was delighted to learn that the Mr Wormall had been chosen as the illustrator of the 2004 Christmas stamps collection in Britain.(more stamp/artist study to follow!)

Copybook or calligraphy the following:

"Her child would be the Son of God whose kingdom would have no end”
“So a humble manger became blessed with the light of life."

Lino cuts for cards

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