Thursday, February 09, 2012

Journey North Update

This beautiful sunrise was God's gift to me when I woke "earlyish" this morning. The day started with quiet and peace,  and beauty splashed across the sky, what more could you ask for!

However it also reminded me about two other bloggers I discovered who are also participating in the Journey North Mystery

The first is called Canadian Home Learning  and has these posts about the project. I have only looked briefly at her blog but it seems packed full of  interesting learning  "stuff". I need to go back and check out more!
Here is a link to the second blog's posting I really like this blog and would love to visit such a cool place! The blog is called You're Not lost,You're Here!

1 comment:

Alex said...

Hi! Thanks for the mention. I love that you also mention You're Not Lost, You're Here as the blog is maintained by my good friend Carol :)

I am going to check out your blog too!

Have a great day!