Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Journey North: Week Two

 Here are the sunrise and sunset results for week two :

As part of our assignment for this week we were given the photo of  this  Equator Monument and had  to discover the sunrise and sunset for the place in which it is located.

Then given this information we  had to estimate which mystery classes were in the northern hemisphere and which were in the southern hemisphere.

These are our results:In the northern hemisphere we have #s 10,5,1,3,7 and in the southern we have #s 9,8,4,2,6. These results are based on increasing photoperiods for the northern hemisphere, from the previous weeks results,  and decreasing for those in the southern hemispheres(which includes us!). The photoperiod is the time between sunrise and sunset.We also noted that #7 had the same photoperiod for both weeks so we hypothesized it being very close to the equator!

I should add a postscript; that reviewing our data we found a little error with our placing of #9 which we now place in the northern hemisphere, its photoperiod increasing from 9.65 to 10.86

This site has some fascinating information on time zones!

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