Saturday, February 18, 2012

Journey North Week Three

We were given a picture of a polar bear to help us solve the mystery this week. Not the picture above but I thought it was too cute to miss!
Using the clue of where the bear can be found was easy for both boys.they had both read a certain book about a particular group of penguins when they were younger. Anyway amongst other information the book describes that penguins and polar bears do not inhabit the same polar region. So if penguins live at the south pole, guess where polar bears are found(apart from zoos!)?!...Easy!
Here are all the mystery classes coloured in, on our graphs for weeks one to three. As an added activity we decided to table all the photoperiods to date.

  Another clue we were given was that there are more classes in the northern hemisphere.

 Here are our Northern hemisphere classes

 And our Southern classes with our own results below


Carol ッ said...

Looks great!!

Aliadelaide said...

Thanks Carol!