Monday, May 14, 2012

how to draw history

 "How are cartoons used to express opinions, issues and ideas?
How do cartoons analyse different historical interpretations?"

We started in the migration museum examining cartoons there and noting their commentary on history.

Our guide,Toby, was very enthusiastic about his theme.

 Learners will explore issues that have affected South Australians from  colonisation to the present

 What is a cartoon:A simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in an exaggerated way, especially in a newspaper or magazine.
 learn how cartoons can be used as historical sources

learn how to communicate personal perspectives about an issue  via cartoons.

 We started our workshop with very gentle warm-up exercises:"draw a quick sketch of a mouse. Now add some cheese" No surprises that most cheese drawn was the holey variety and triangular in shape!!

 participate in a 60 minute  cartooning workshop run by cartoonist and illustrator, Simon Kneebone.
 I snapped a few pictures of works in progress.

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