Sunday, May 06, 2012

Medieval Fair

We attended our local medieval fair on Saturday. The Fair is an annual event and many of those that attend enter into the spirit of the occasion, donning garments they deem appropriate to the time period. Of course the time period is stretched to include LOTR figures and monsters that we can only assume were ogres but lets not be too pedantic this is all about having fun and sharing in a local community event.The event is organized by a large group of volunteers and clubs give up their time too to entertain us.

 We arrived near the beginning of the day. I snapped these fashionable footwear as the parade to the main ring began.

There were a variety of different medieval cultures represented too including indigenous ones.
Many clubs had set up small communities of tents and around these they demonstrated an assortment of crafts, including weaving,spinning, calligraphy.
One champion fighter with her sword was also a talented artist.

This year there were no horses but we did watch with a large crowd as several watermelon sprung from the caterpolt

There was music and dancing, some of which seemed  difficult to distinguish between  fighting...and perhaps that is not too unrealistic either!

The food cooking in iron pots or on open spits tantalized the senses on this cool autumn day. We sampled delicious roast beef and lamb.
It was a great day and definitely one to repeat next year!

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