Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mount Crawford in the rain!

 The day was cool but sunny as we set off for our camp-fire expedition in the forest. I love the autumn colours of the vines...and so far a blue(ish) sky
 By the time all 9 cars had met up and were traveling in convoy the weather had changed dramatically!
 But what's a spot of rain when you're all outdoors together enjoying this fantastic site.
 Amongst the tall pines jutted ungainly rock formations, just perfect for climbing over, hiding behind and viewing our domain!
 The first job was to collect enough wood to light a fire!

 Once the fire had been started the children vanished( apart from the "littles") until the call of hunger saw them reclimbing up those same rocks to reach hot jacket potatoes oozing with butter and sticky sweet marshmallows to "wash them down" with!!
 The rain never entirely stopped but we didn't mind!

With good company, great food and a wonderful environment to be in who worries about the weather!
 We were sorry to leave but headed home with a feeling of contentment.

And stopping just a few times to take a few more pictures.
 Of a very beautiful


 and memorable day!

 These are cauliflowers growing amongst gum trees

and here are the alpacas in the field of cauliflowers growing amongst the gum trees!

 I love autumn


Therese said...

Beautiful photos Ali. We have been up to My Bold a few times. I think that is close by Mount Crawford.

Aliadelaide said...

Thanks Therese, it was just a lovely day...and the good news is a group re-visit is planned for spring!