Tuesday, January 24, 2006

By way of introduction

Have you ever noticed how often words spoken become a reality? So in our annual family newsletter i casually mentioned that there was a possibility for the man of the family to work at
Groote Eylandt.Just a little geography lesson really for all our distant friends who like me until I came to live on this little continent(large island) know little more thanSydney/Melbourne/Wallabies(not the marsupial variety)! Anyway its official and he departs to the distant side of the island(the top!) in a few short days.Helpful for the weather to warm up just before he leaves thus negating the need for climatic accomodations on his arrival.

Well from the title of this blog I promised myself a journal of our homeschooling and here it begins:
we are finally ready for the beginning of school next week.Today I enrolled ds(16) in Open Access(school of the air) for 2 year 12 subjects.Unfortunately enrolement can't just be done over the phone so ds and I will toddle down to the office Monday morning to see a school councilor.Really struggle with wasting time like that in the middle of our first day of school. Guarantee the trip will result in deep depression from ds after anticipated conversation with councilor which will go something like this:
"so D what subjects do you want to take this year"
(D"s thoughts I don't want to take any of your subjects but mum says I need to take some science to get a tertiary entrance rank and as she won't teach them to me!)"Physics and Maths"
"and have you looked at our prospectus to see what topics we are offering and how they will fit in with your career objectives"
(scowl on D's face and thinks:I know what he's going to ask next)
"and by the way what are your future plans?"
(frown lines deepen)I don't know
"(embarrased silence with possibility of cough)

So why should a 16yo have to know what he wants to do with his life? I mean from a moral and ethical perspective ds could answer "well sir I have evaluated the value systems of humanism,atheism,amongst a long list of other isms and find Catholicism to be the best ideolgy to live my life by.So i intend to make my life copy that of Jesus Christ following the teachings of His church" But of course that's not the answer the councilor wants!

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