Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I like noticeboards. we have a few in our house! Above the dining table is our "liturgy board". At the top of this one is our liturgical wheel; a large contacted affair made by dd14 as part of her studies in faith last year. Beneath the wheel the posts are changed monthly. In keeping with the season each post is backed with that seasons colour. So for the next few weeks they will be backed with green. the post in the middle beneath the wheel lists the devotional focus for that particular month eg February is the month of the Holy Family with a suitable art print attached. Then I choose 4-5 saints for us to focus/learn about that month. I like to find a few more obscure ones as well as the more well known. For February we will read about St Brigid, St Gilbert of Sempingham, St Paul Miki, St Modomnoc, and St Bernadette. Also we will not necessarily be reading on each saints specific feast day.I used to try and do this and get thoroughly stressed out and feel we had forever missed an opportunity if as often happened other things came up. around the post of the month are pictures of each saint with a thought or prayer from some of them but otherwise just their name century they lived in and feast day.Below the saints is a card with a prayer we are learning that month and beside this a little information on the liturgical season and its focus.

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