Friday, May 02, 2008

Our current readaloud

"Jeremy: the tale of an honest bunny" by Jan Karon. I picked this book up last month in New Zealand second-hand. It has been our morning readaloud to date this term. I was surprised the author had written a children's novelette as until then I was only familiar with her adult novels. However I would recomend this one.
The publisher's introduction says;"Jeremy is a handmade English bunny with honesty sewn into his very being. So when he learns that he was made for someone in North Carolina, he hops right off to deliver himself to his new owner."
ChapterOne starts:"Every evening in the softly gathering dusk, John Sweeney appeared on the path that lead through the high meadow..."
There are beautiful illustrations throughout by Teri Weidner. I would like to know more about the illustrator.


Mary said...

Have you checked out this site?

Aliadelaide said...

Thanks for the research Mary!