Friday, May 30, 2008

A Seventh Birthday

I kidded him the seven birthday was a “no go” but Master L. proved me wrong.
The day began the night before when ds18 and dd16 helped put up/draw the birthday theme poster/blow up balloons etc so that when Mr Seven came down to the living area this is what he would see.

Mr Seven and his slightly older brother then headed off with yours truly to a local park. First off we hit the playground. But this didn’t last long as we went on a tour of the park noting the changes since our last trip

here. We used to call this park the “no” park as ball gameswere not permitted except in one small area and the list of restrictions was almost as big as the total area of the park! But things have changed! There are now several small lakes that connect with the main one plus more paths/walks to explore, birds to see etc.
After our outdoor play

we headed indoors to another play area, slightly “wacky” near by.

Then it was home for a special birthday tea menu selected by Mr Seven and

present time followed by a stupendous cake made by dd16. And so ended a perfect day!

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