Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A drive in the hills

We set off early Sunday morning to collect apples at Cousin Ian’s orchard in Summertown(more about this to follow).
The boys love adventures so we decided to take a circuitous route to get there.

Here then is our first find,Holly in flower in May.

We couldn’t resist these brightly coloured seedpods.(please help us identify them!)

We stopped to admire this fuschia.”Oh ,so that’s what the fuschia fairy would look like!”

Some golden leaves on a back road held our admiration.

And we stopped for a moment to decide where we would build our house next to these trees that glow so wonderfully autumn!

Speaking of houses, we had to take a snap of this tiny little house on the road from Crafers to Summertown.

And its slightly larger and more recent sister close by!

We munched on roasted chestnuts.

And spotted these toadstools close by the gate to the orchard.

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mary said...

looks like a beautiful day.