Friday, December 05, 2008

day four

day four:
"phrase of the day":"A child would change the world!Could love really rule men's hearts"(hide this somewhere warm(love)+ tell them that is their clue)
book: "A Child is born" 
we really loved this book.i know it will become an old favourite that is read and re-read!
recipie: Marzipan letters: Cut pastry into 10cm x 4cm strips. Sprinkle hands with icing sugar+ roll out "little finger" thickness worms. Wrap worms in pastry(seal with milk)+ bake at 180C for 10-15 mins.Talk about how letters form words + Jesus is the Word of God.
crafts:using previously collected pinecones/seedpods/rosemary etc make a wreath to decorate our front door a thing we've never done before!
We had a great time this afternoon with two other families making our wreaths. One mum had brought a box of other crafts for us to sample, including bead and pipecleaner snowflakes. The other family had printed out some crafts for St Nicholas to share.

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