Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our Advent Journey

Because dh has been out of work for almost three months there could be no new advent books this season. So what to do to make this advent special.

First I went through all my books and chose ones that I thought would appeal to both boys. Some were old favourites , others were "long time since we'd seen them" friends and a few I had purchased earlier in the year. Then I divided them up into fifteen days of "happenings".Yes I know advent is not just fifteen days but I wanted to allow for visits with friends and unexpected events.

For each day I chose a memory phrase. Something we could focus on, a thought to grow in our hearts. Then I cut each phrase up and had the boys piece it together.

Next we read our books after which we made a simple craft and did some Christmas cooking(all to be salted away until Christmas Day!)

Below is the first days plans. I will endevour to add more as life allows.

day one: children are to go on a small hunt to find the "phrase of the day" this will be cut up for them to piece together. They may also find the books for the day + our recipe + craft activity(I haven't decided yet!)

"phrase of the day" "Some things are worth waiting for!"

books:"Waiting for Christmas"+ "The Mitten"

recipie: Lebkuchen(Christmas Mosaic pg 67)

crafts: do a stained glass nativity picture for our schoolroom door using window paints

make mitten templates and have children cut out from card a mitten + decorate

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