Thursday, December 04, 2008

This Way to Christmas

This post is a break from our journey posts but I just wanted to share a quote from a wonderful book we have been reading together each morning of Advent. The book is called “This Way to Christmas”by Ruth Sawyer(who I think is Catholic, someone told me ), I can’t recommend this book as an Advent readaloud enough, it is really lovely, and here is the quote:

“And then a woman’s voice came out of the darkness, a voice that set her breasts to be trembling and her heart to be leaping with joy.
“Are ye forgetting me, Bridhe astore?” said the voice.
Bridget opened the grating in the door and looked out. There she saw a great-shouldered giant of a man, covered with beard, and beside him was a wee gray donkey, and on the donkey rode a woman, who turned her face to Bridget and
smiled. And the wonder of that smile drew Bridget’s hand to the latch.

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