Sunday, December 14, 2008


A recent conversation with another homeschooling mother made me wonder. She was telling me how well some home school children had done with public exams “See,” she said, “our home school kids are achieving academic excellence.”

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m putting down these outstanding results, indeed I congratulate each child for what they have achieved, it is well merited!

But at this time of year, it got me thinking. The Son of God was born of a small, conquered race, in a little town to an insignificant (by worldly standards) young woman. He grew up to be known as   “the carpenter’s son” (much as we would describe someone as being the local builders child today) Before “his time came” he achieved nothing outstanding, received no special awards.

My thoughts went on to those homeschooled children who will never achieve public accolades…should we continue to home school them; should we boast about them also. Are we in fact in danger of allowing the world’s standards to redefine ours?

I have an aunt who had had to work in a menial job of poor remuneration most of her life. Shortly after she married, she had to nurse her mother-in-law until she died. After this her husband became ill and also needed constant nursing until he left her a widow with four small children to care for. She went to work cheerfully and did the best she could for her kids. At various times she has suffered at the hands of those in authority as they have taken more than their due, especially where the children were concerned. But throughout all this her sense of humour, her never-give-in spirit and her unstoppable faith in her beloved Lord has been unquenchable. She is in her late eighties now and I know that on her entry into her closer time with God He will say ”Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into my kingdom a place has been prepared for you. I think this would be the testimony I would want for my children.


RD said...

You know what...that is exactly how I think!
I am thinking seriously of homeschooling my children (they haven't started school yet), and everyone tries to talk me out of it.
So I say, "My job is to get my children into Heaven."
No matter how smart they are or how popular they are, or how shy or strange they doesn't matter.
What matters is them following the Lord and getting them into Heaven.
But of course, not many people 'get' that these days.

Mary said...

I hear what your heart is saying. I was wondering if it was not possible to celebrate and honor and aspire to excellence in education (be it public or home schooling) as well honorable spiritual declarations? I was pondering on your words and it occurred to me that Jesus did actually receive acknowledgment for his learnedness - he would sit at the feet of Priests and scholars - was that not where he was when His parents 'lost' him on the return journey from the passover?

A heart and mind for Jesus can come from the high scholars and the poorly educated.

Still, I hear what your heart is saying - and I agree.

Aliadelaide said...

Thank you for that comment RD I wish I could introduce you to my aunt..I know she would say "just keep your eyes firmly focused on Our Blessed Lord, He's there walking each step with you!"

Aliadelaide said...

Hi Mary
'A heart and mind for Jesus can come from the high scholars and the poorly educated." I guess that's what I was saying(or trying to!)I just think sometimes its good to revise our focus!... And if we were to strip all the things of this world away where would you find us looking, in whose footsteps would we be walking.
Have a great holiday!

Louise said...

How beautiful, Alison. God bless your Aunt (I'm sure He will!)

As for accolades etc "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?"

Achievements are great and to be celebrated, but they are not what we brought our children into the world for.

Louise said...

Or as Kimberley Hahn said, "we are homeschooling so our children will discover the Goad, the True and the Beautiful.

Louise said...

LOL! Obviously that should be "the Good"!!