Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's still Christmas...on this blog anyway!

A good friend in blog-land sent me the card at the top of this post. She is well-known for her ability to draw cartoons(when she's not juggling...thank Cristina!.

Our family has a tradition of making things for gifts.For several years ds(19) has given me home-made gifts for christmas. First there were three "Jan Brett" angels

then last year another idea from glancing through this book!

This year he made me this beautiful representation of the "heavenly city".I love it, not just the colours and the skillfill representation but the hope of what it represents. My eyes can "feast" on it each morning when I wake!

The two youngest spent nearly all of Advent crafting this wonderful painting for their father under older brother's encouragement.Ds(11) drew each character separately in pencil. Then they were either minimized or enlarged for ds(7) to colour. Sometimes they were left as is. Lastly a very fine-tipped pen was used to outline the figures in black. The final work was put on a gold background and hung in a golden frame.

Ds made two St Francis images one for his Capucin brother and the other for his father. Both were greeted with pleasure. Each year this son spends Advent "closeted away" making wonders for his family. I have been the recipient of many in previous years as have his two youngest siblings. This year the very youngest was included in this giving experience. DS(7) made this image of St Therese of Liseux for his sister.

Here is a final home-made "thought" from my good friend downunder. I don't know how she found the time(!) but it sits on my bedside table as a daily reminder to pray for all my friends.

And finally a response to the title of this post:

All through the month of January the crèche is standing in the living room, even if the Christmas tree has been removed, and every night the family prayers will be said beside the crib, followed by at least one Christmas song.Candlemas Day marks the end of the Christmas season
And as a final comment to my Catholic readers. Yes I am aware the church is now in Ordinary time. I just needed a "tie-in" for this belated post on Christmas...and wouldn't it be nice if Christmas still lasted until Candlemas!

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jugglingpaynes said...

Oh my goodness! Don't tell me it took a whole month to get to you! I blame not having a printer until the middle of December. Late cards are extra blessings, right? :o)

I love your wonderful handmade gifts. They are truly the best kind, as they are made with love for a particular person!

Peace and Laughter!