Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lavenders blue dilly dilly...

Here are some photos of another days excursion. This time to Lavender farm at Lyndoch. We have been coming back to this beautiful spot at least annually for many years.

The first time we visited the older children brought their sketch books/nature diaries. The owner of the farm was delighted to see the children drawing and showed us some of her sketches/paintings. Last year we discovered that an out-door Mass was celebrated here. Usually no visit is complete without a walk
to the olive grove. This year we discovered that the route was unfortunately no longer available. However we were still able to walk to the top of the hill and look down on this colorful scene.
Later we drove to Nuriopta where we stopped for a picnic lunch. Our lunch had to be eaten quickly however as we found we were competing for the food with the most enormous ants!
so on to discover still another park

where we walked in an old orchard and examined old farm machinery.Before returning home.

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Mary said...

Even lavender defies me ;)