Saturday, January 03, 2009

A rose by any other name

January second we decided to go on a family outing. All four younger children agreed to come.So we headed off to the Barossa.It was going to be a warm day but not too warm and the "temperature" in the van was pretty ambient.Dh suggested we take the back roads to Gawler. And after a "few" diversions through Golden Grove we found the way. It really was very pretty and there didn't seem to be too much traffic on the road. even saw some highland cattle. Unfortunately just as we decided we could extend the speed we were traveling at (remember this is a Hiace so we're not talking super speedy!) a couple of veichles literally appeared around the next corner. car came first followed by a motor bike in fast pursuit. ...lets just say neither have a desire to celebrate 2010! Still after a few deep breathing exercises (did I tell you we're all taking up yoga this year!!!) and some diversionary tactics with a bag of licqorish all-sorts and humbugs equilibrium was reestablished! We had a rest stop at this beautiful rose garden. I'll leave the pictures to speak for themselves except to ask if anyone has had any expereience with Austin roses, are they easy to grow...and what can I do to make my roses look better


LLMom said...

What beautiful roses! Wow.

Mary said...

How blue was that sky? Wow! Sorry, you know me - I know nothing about gardening - accept how to kill.