Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A hunt for Brolgas

On Sunday around mid-day the 2 youngest asked if they could do something with dad. He had been away all week and they felt an excursion was called for. As we had read a book earlier in the week on Brolgas myself suggested we go on a Brolga hunt. I had an idea we had seen some on Hindmarsh island so off we went. It was cool in our air conditioned van. But a stop at Strathalbyn to wander up their main street and consume one of these did not go amiss!
We hit Goolwa just in time to see our favorite paddle steamer come in. We have this print on our living room wall and ever since we first chased it at Renmark many years ago we have welcomed "the Oscar W" as an honorary family member!

Over the bridge to Hindmarsh island and on with our hunt. After several unsuccessful diversions we found ourselves at the Murray mouth. The boys and I enjoyed the breezy cool while dad snoozed.

Driving back from this stop we spotted these small dots in the distance. Could they be…. We aimed the camera for a close-up and discovered we were literally hunting …geese!! Ah well it was an adventure! After a brief stop at Currency Creek for fish and chip tea it was home.


Mary said...

What an adventure! Sounds like you all had fun. I really liked the ice - cream and fish and chips part ;)

How's the Murray Mouth looking at the moment?

Aliadelaide said...

We did...and to the second very sad. Just couldn't get over how little water there was since last we were on Hindmarsh island