Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday Meadows Fair

Easter Sunday we were up early to farewell Andrew as he left to begin a new job in Melbourne.

Then as it was such a beautiful morning we decided to visit Meadows Easter Fair. It had been recommended by some good friends and we were not disappointed in their recommendation! The stall holders were very friendly, one being willing to mind my bag of books while I continued to look around and then finding a large pillowcase for me to take the booty home in!

The boys were delighted to sample succulent slices of apple offered to them.There was also
a mixture of animals to look at
and pat. .

The boys again gravitated to the marcupial area where there were several little joeys and a couple of ring-tail photos I'm afraid as the "babies" needed their sleep!

As a special Easter treat they were also able to purchase beer sticks, fruit flavored milkshakes and licqorish ice-creams(it was their choice!). Ds(80 was especially thrilled to find some miniature plastic soldiers they didn't already have in their "small" collection. I liked the way the owners of this stall had put things out in individual pieces so children could
buy things to add to their collections for only 5 or 10 cents...a bit like I remember
buying sweets at their age!

Then we wandered over to the nearby park/playground to use up any extra energy before the quiet drive home. ds 8 was excited to try his first "lucky-dip". Much laughter as the parcels were unwrapped...and then "look I got a.....

...a really tiny one". Ds12 thought he would save his rattle for a friends baby daughter to enjoy when she is older.!


Anonymous said...

What a special day! It's wonderful to have days like this - makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

How did your ankle hold up?

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥

Helen said...

I do enjoy looking at photos of your wonderful family ~ and life!

Aliadelaide said...

thank you Helen and Jillian for your comments, you are two very special followers!

Aliadelaide said...

my ankle just keeps on improving Jillian, for which I am very grateful! The only ting I can't do is kneel...a little frustrating at times,especially in church.