Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rain on Tuesday

It rained ...hooray today!!

Actually bucketed down.

Ds came home from running to catch the bus looking like an impersonation of a very tall drowned rat.

So after he had changed (into my son) I took him to uni driving through a "river of rain". as we drove past the actual river the water had burst the flood gates and was squirting up fountain-like high in the air. Wish I'd had the camera!

Went home and collected the younger two and again headed for the river. This little fellow on the right was not pleased with the result of the downpour!

The water had gone down considerably in the space of an hour but we were able to watch the repairs here on the nets that prevent the tones of rubbish we throw into the river each year.

I mean maybe a chip packet could "slip" out of your hand...but a milk crate...or a shopping trolley or two, I don't think so!


Anonymous said...

It was beautiful, wasn't it - praise God!

I'm told that there's more coming, too ~ YAY!

Have a wonderful week,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Aliadelaide said...

oh good looking forward to it

Anonymous said...

Is your 'drowned rat' son, the little brown fellow in the 3rd photo?
He's hairier than the younger two.

Great river photos.


Aliadelaide said...

the clue was in the words "tall"
and "impersonation"

and for the second "cute and little"

just to help you figure it out Tracey!!