Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Koala in a poplar

look what we found in our poplar...
scroll down for a clearer view.

he was up in our neighbour's gum tree before he decided he'd like to try something new!

Doesn't he look cute!!


Aliadelaide said...

I'm not sure what has/is happening to my blog. On safari I have no trouble getting all 3 pictures of the poplar tree but on firefox the title picture of my blog is missing plus 2 of the pictures in this post....so if anyone is out there and would like to offer suggestions as to why this might be?!

Aliadelaide said...

I should also add that I have finally figured out how to block followers that I am unsure of (ie spam etc).

Chuck said...

Hi Aliadelaide, Are Koalas like our black bears in the US? What I mean is, are they dangerous and will they attack humans?
I stole your playlist for my desktop. Heartstrings is a beautiful version. I am presently looking for the album here in Tampa. Chuck