Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pandas and personalities

We are very fortunate to have two giant pandas at our zoo for an extended visit.(even if we did wonder at first if they were going to turn around and look at us!!)

Wang Wang is a very laid back placid sort of bloke who is happy to spend a large portion of his day snoozing,but might be woken at the thought of a juicy bamboo stalk to munch on.

Funi is very active and playful and often makes excited mewing vocalisations at feeding time. She is also very intelligent, curious and loves to explore.

ds12 + ds8 had visited the two pandas briefly early in the year. So brief was that first visit that they were barely able to observe the pandas let alone record an image!

This time we were much more fortunate! The wait in line lasted barely 10 minutes before we entered the exhibit.

To begin with both the male and female were in their inside enclosures and Funi did seem to be more active, climbing high on rocks and clambering over branches.

Wang Wang seemed content to just sit. So the boys escorted me outside to show me the large stone that is kept cool for Wang Wang. Just as we bent to feel the stone(it projects into the observation area) a certain bear lumbered over.

He walked to a piece of bamboo,which was right where we were standing! had a quick munch and lumbered back indoors!

The boys verdict: a definite improvement on their last visit!!

And here are a few more pictures of our zoo visit.(yes the turtle had "gone walkabout" from its enclosure and yes the siamangs are one of our favourite apes)

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