Monday, May 31, 2010

6 years

We read this picture book today
a quote from it leapt out at me :Current waiting time in detension can be up to six years.

and suddenly I'm back

to a family with 3 young children and a mother who hasn't spoken or left their room

to a visit to Baxter where three young men came up and thanked us for bringing our boys because they were beginning to forget what their younger siblings looked like and it was so beautiful to see children just play again

but they tell me:
we have limited resources

we can't take them all

their taking our jobs

why don't they just go back

and my thoughts move forward to a recent Compass programme that highlighted the reluctance of three young men to come from africa because

they'll treat us like we're monkeys

and back again i remember the privilage of homeschooling two "non-persons" for a term and celebrating the birthday of the youngest with a special picnic in the park, the oldest has a smile that could have lit up all of Adelaide..

even though she'd traveled as a "non-person" ... still kept smiling..... 6 years..........

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