Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A snake or not a snake that is the question!

Ds thinks he may have solved our snake problem, when he caught this small specimen today.

it curled itself up like this!

and here he is with his little legs visible!!

so maybe we don't have snakes...phew, sort of sigh of relief (as in : but can we be sure)


Leanne said...

Oh Dear, looks like a lizard to me, Great clear shots.
Thanks for taking my invite

rox said...

Aliadelaide I'm not sure either but could it be a skink ? I am not into the reptile thing , our boys were into insects big time but just never got into snakes etc. from pics it reminds me of a skink maybe but then again I'm across the ocean from you ;-) so it may be a species we just don't have here .
I'm going to be curious though to see what the little fellow turns into .
I would be interested in copies of the PR but I am worried it'd cost a bundle in shipping . Thanks thought . I'm sure there must be copies floating around this continent somewhere :-)

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Alison,
He is definitely not a snake - snakes don't have legs. :)

Have a wonderful weekend,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Aliadelaide said...

oh dear I guess I should have explained in greater detail. I often end up writing a short hand version of what is inside my head(lol!)Anyway what I neglected to say was that the boys and older brother had seen a black small reptile down the back yard which slithered away,shortly before Christmas.Oldest son described it as a legless lizard. Then just recently youngest son brought in this small lizard thinking this might have been our "snake" as if you just saw its head you might be mistaken in thinking it was a snake. Personally I think we probably have all three ie lizards,snakes and legless lizards. When our neighbors houses were being built a few years back I saw a brown snake(definitely not tiny!!) run across our street). Also our back neighbors yard is very "botanical"(lol!!)Well this comment is probably almost as long as a new post...but I hope I've made my story clearer.!!