Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The Collector of Moments"

Some books are too good not to be read and re-read again.Not because of the rhythm of language, or the images they evoke but because of the thoughts they capture that need to be digested slowly, read and then picked up and read again at a later date or as the author describes "further on in the journey"

Such a book is "The Collector of Moments" by Quint Buchholz. In a quiet gentle way we are introduced to the study of one artist's paintings . But the method could equally be applied to all at.It helps that the paintings we are shown a quirky, they get us thinking,exploring out of our own perspective, they draw us in,unfold a story. time we look at them we gain more knowledge about what is taking place. It may take us further a long an original pathway or start a new journey altogether. For me this is what art study should be like for my

I do not want them to have a "tick the box" mentality to exploring art but rather"One invisible and unique path leads into every picture...and the artist has to find just that one path. He can't show the picture too soon or he might lose that path forever.""every picture has a secret to keep.Others(than the artist)might actually discover much more in my pictures than I do....I'm(the artist)merely the collector. I collect moments."

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