Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pentecost : fire food!

To celebrate Pentecost we had what our daughter described as “fire” food. It wasn’t intentional, but our main course and dessert do seem to reflect that "tongues of fire" theme!

Our main course was pumpkin lasagna. It’s a favorite round here from a Christmas gift of mine a few years back. The original recipe calls for goat’s cheese but we find a good feta works fine. The top has chunky pieces of mozzarella, which merge in interesting patterns. The filling is of course pumpkin in a yummy tomato base. It is sandwiched between layers of a ricotta/feta sauce. It is very delicious and also quite filling.

The dessert was our family peach trifle. It is a non-tipsy trifle(had my fill of those with elderly relatives as a child and can’t stand’em…I’ll take the “tipsy” part separate thanks!!) with strawberry jammed sponge in a red jelly, topped with peaches in juice and a creamy yellow trifle. We ate it with whipped cream.

Happy Pentecost!

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