Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Autumn Nature Walk

We headed out the door for a nature walk!Charlotte Mason emphasized the practice of these walks on a daily basis. I am re-instigating them into the pattern of our days and will be happy to do one weekly! They can be a challenge to fit into our ever altering schedule but we will persevere.And so as this is a new beginning please come and walk with us and observe the details of our walk.

This gum is blooming at the end of our street.

this is the gum in question...a very significant tree in stature!

we examined the trunk of this gum in some detail.

down the hill we spotted this tree also in flower. Could someone please tell me what it is. It was very striking!

headed down for the river

youngest son decided to tackle this small hill while older brother volunteered the following, hey remember when we came down here with Duncan and it was really muddy and we all slid down on the seats of our pants...

glad he didn't tackle this part though!

forgot to mention we took the dog!(he is getting a lot more people contact as he is also really missing his doggy companion,Billy)


Anonymous said...

It is a hakea...
We used to call them pin-cushion flowers.

Marina said...

Yup, a pincushion hakea.