Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E is for Escher

We have just completed a study on the artist M.C Escher.
Escher grew up in Holland in the early years of the twentieth century. He studied art and traveled through Europe as a young man. During his travels he discovered he especially liked the geometric designs by Moorish artists in Spain and Africa.

Escher is also famous for his so called impossible structures which challenge the way we see perspective. The boys had a chance to employ this technique in their snake art work.Te challenge was to draw a snake with as many overlapping lines as possible. Both boys completed work reflects their different personalities as well as their interpretation of the challenge.Thanks must go to this excellent homeschool blog for this idea

Next we explored making tessellations of our own getting ideas for this from another great art study site.

We have really enjoyed our art study this year looking at three Dutch artists; van Gogh. Mondrian and now Escher. Much of our study has overlapped in other areas such as maths and history.
Of course now we have to decide where to travel next or whom to study? do you have suggestions; preferably artists whose ideas/work we can imitate

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