Sunday, August 29, 2010

Notebook pages

We use unlined artist notebooks for much of our schoolwork. I like that they are spiral bound as it makes turning pages,even bending the book back on itself possible without damaging work. I also like that their durable covers,means you can take them anywhere and work in them.

Here are pages from our middle eastern scrapbooks. I use that term very specifically. They are not meant to be exhaustive compositions but just "glimpses" into how other people live their lives and the places they live them out in.Perhaps in later years they will also be memory prods as the boys tell back things they still remember of our study of this part of the world.As you can see we like maps! We also like putting key words/and or pictures as a summary of what we have discovered. We also add samples of art work and if is not possible because of the size of the piece(such as mosaic work we are doing for this unit)or because the art work was made of a material that would not fit easily into our books(eg pottery)we add photos of the work. Pictures and titles of books we have read,plus music cd's we have listened to and dvd's watched also find a place in the notebook.

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