Wednesday, August 25, 2010

History reading list

Following this brilliant list of readings for the middle ages I have composed our own list for the rest of our middle ages study. We focused on the early middle ages last year.

The Story of Mankind pgs 163-167

The Story of Mankind pgs 168-174

OIS (Our Island Story)Chap 31. Henry Plantagenet—Thomas a Becket

Britannia by Geraldine McCaughrean pgs 82-85

OIS 32. Henry Plantagenet—The Conquest of Ireland

If All The Swords in England (13 chapters)

The Story of Mankind pgs 175-181

A little History of the World chap 24 + 25

The Story of Mankind pgs 182-193

Britannia pgs 86-88

Britannia pgs 89-91

OIS 33. The Story of Richard Coeur de Lion (1189 – 1199)

Red Falcons Of Tremoine

The Red Keep by Allen French

The Story of a Village chap 8+ 9

The World’s Story by Elizabeth O'Neil chap 24

CHOW (A Child's History of the World by Hillayer), chap. 53,54,55,56

The Story of Mankind pgs 194-200

The Story of Mankind pgs 201-209

OIS 34. The Story of How Blondel Found the King

CHOW, chap. 57

OIS 35. John Lackland—The Story of Prince Arthur (1199 – 1216)

The World’s Story pgs 241-248

Britannia pgs92-95

Britannia pgs96-97

Britannia pgs98-99

Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green

Children of the Red King by Madeline Polland

The Lost Baron by Allen French

The World’s Story chap 25

CHOW, chap. 58

OIS 37. Henry III of Winchester—Hubert de Burgh (1216 – 1272)

Britannia pgs100-102

OIS 38. Henry III of Winchester—Simon de Montfort

OIS 39. Henry III—The Story of the Poisoned Dagger

CHOW, chap. 59

Marco Polo

The Story of a Village by Agnes Allen chapter 10

OIS 40. Edward I—The Little War of Chalons (1272 – 1307)

Britannia pgs 102-104

OIS 41. Edward I—The Lawgiver

OIS 42. Edward I—The Hammer of the Scots (Edward II, 1307 – 1327)

OIS 43. The Story of King Robert the Bruce and Bohun

Britannia pgs 105-107

Pied Piper(poem)

CHOW, chap. 60

OIS 44. Story of the Battle of Bannockburn

OIS 45. Edward III of Windsor—The Battle of Sluys (1327 – 1377)

OIS 46. Edward III of Windsor—The Battle of Crecy

OIS 47. Edward III of Windsor—The Siege of Calais

OIS48. Edward III of Windsor—The Battle of Poitiers

The Story of a Village chap 11

The Door in the Wall 1348

OIS 49. Richard II of Bordeaux—Wat Tyler's Rebellion

Tales From Chaucer:The Canterbury Tales by Eleanor Farjeon

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