Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A cablecar view

No trip to Wellington would be complete without a trip to the botanic Gardens via the cable car.

Some of my earliest memories of Wellington revolve around these "institutions".

 My grandmother, always a lady of resouces(!) would come equpipped with gloves. Not for her the short type that finished at the wrist, but those that buttoned up to the elbow. 

And although I never saw her doing it I know that family history has it written that these gloves worked well to carry small cuttings from the gardens home in.

To be fair everything my grandmother put in the ground grew and because she was such an avid gardener(President of the Wellington Horticultural Society) I don't see her ever doing anything to harm a plant, except perhaps prune it just the littlest bit!! 

And surely the gloves were the forerunner to the cloth bags we all use in an environmentally friendly way now.

But I digress. 

This particular trip involved another grandmother and my grandmother's daughter in law. 

Ds enjoyed walking through the gardens, spotting all the succulents

and spending time with his grandmother. And so out of another trip to these beautiful gardens another piece of family history was made.

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