Monday, July 02, 2012

Wellington is great!

 What can I say, I'm a Wellingtonian by birth and...I love the place! From its dry summers(no humidity yeh!) to its blustery winters , well I'm just a sucker for all of it. However  even if you are a little cautious about visiting New zealand's capitol city let me tell you, you will be very impressed with its shoreline.

 We left Dunedin on a subzero, black- frost -morning. The airport had ice on the runway, and they had to wash the planes down so they could fly!When we finally took off. the view of hills and more hills was pretty awesome, but landing in Wellington, flying in over its beautiful harbour,  is incredible! After dumping our bags we were off to "see the sights"
 It was perfect Wellington weather, warm with not a hint of wind(truely!)
 I wanted to show L. the harbour 'from the ground so we headed for the shoreline and found...

 so much to see, so much going on. We plan to come back with more family and try one of these can get bigger ones too.

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