Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Weta cave

Take a short bus ride from central Wellington, travel through a tunnel,

travel past the airport
 listen to people talking about the earthquake a few days ago,  and arrive in Miramar on a wet blustery morning. Walk down an ordinary suburban street and  you are at Weta Cave. 
What is Weta Cave?
 Well if you are familiar with movies such as Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Tin Tin and the Chronicles of Narnia,  you have probably heard of Sir Richard Taylor and Sir Peter Jackson. but even if you haven't its probably worth you checking out Weta Cave. 

As one visitor was heard to say "I wish the Weta Cave were...well, as big as the Weta Workshop. It would be amazing to wander through and see all the extraordinary artisans at work on the various costumes, weapons, props and effects that this talent team create for the films they work on. The Weta Cave is as close as most people can get."

There's a superb, exclusive behind-the-scenes film shown there every half-hour or so that gives you a terrific insight into the depth and variety of work they do, including interviews with Sir Richard Taylor and Sir Peter Jackson who talk about how Weta came to be and how it has developed over the years. The Cave itself has props, weapons, posters and a myriad of different items from various films, both the originals and a selection of replicas and collectables for sale.
 Travel back to the city noting that the unusual sculpture you saw on your journey out was designed and built at Weta. 

Note some unusual houses once more and arrive back for afternoon tea with grandma and a well earned rest!

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