Friday, July 06, 2012

Waiatarua Reserve

Ds and I took an afternoon walk through the Waiatarua reserve.This site is a friends group which is committed to restoring the reserve.Ds remembers visiting here with grandma and spotting little grey rabbits hopping out of their burrows in the bank. Quite amazing that we spotted any given the large number of dogs and their owners walking through the park!
Some of the birds you see are:
Black Shag, Black Swan,  Black-backed Gull Blackbird,Caspian Tern,  Chaffinch,  Eastern Rosella,  Fantail,Goldfinch,  Green Finch,  Grey Teal,  Grey Warbler,Harrier,  Kingfisher Little Black Shag , Magpie, Malay Fruit Dove , Mallard/Grey Duck, Myna,Paradise Shelduck, Pheasant,  Plover, Pied Stilt,Pukeko, Red Billed Gull,  Song thrush,
Starlings,Teal, Tui, Waxeye ,Welcome Swallow, White-faced Heron

The reserve is a wetland in the course of restoration. Drains, weirs, bunds and sediment traps form part of a system to treat stormwater and remove pollutants. It provides a sanctuary for birds.

This is a place to walk, exercise your dog, jog and enjoy the landscape.

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