Thursday, June 11, 2009

"down on the farm"

We have just been given three "monster" white hens(no other way to describe them compared to our two remaining black ones)We tried to intoduce them to each other with disastrous results. The new ones took over the run and "cornered" the black ones who just sat there shivering while feathers flew!Dh has now divided the chicken house and outside run with mesh plus added these really nifty feeding and watering "tube things" he made out of pvc pipe which have open ends going into both runs. So now both flocks can see each other and hopefully in a couple of weeks we can remove the door in the mesh(supposed to be done in the dark)they can wake up and mingle happily. Well that's the theory...anyone any other ideas.
Oh and we have 4 silky bantam teenagers(I keep telling them they are all sisters!)we'll have to introduce to our silky bantam flock one day soon.The joys of owning poultry!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,
The method that you are using to socialise the chickens works well - well, it does for us. Once the chickens have had a couple of weeks to socialise through the wire, they usually get along well.

Aliadelaide said...

thank you Jillian,its nice to have encouragement from those who are more expert in the field of animal husbandry. And we love having our chickens...well most of the time( ds has just reminded me of the "joys" of mucking out their run and how I usually end up doing in my back each time I attempt it!!)

Mary said...

I wonder if we could use the same strategy for siblings who are ruffling each others feathers? Got any left over piping?

Aliadelaide said...

ah Mary if only it was so simple to fix things with our kids!