Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nature crafting

Here are some recent pictures of our nature corner. 
The first picture shows one of our acorn people, made out of pipe-cleaners,wool fleece, a wooden bead and of course an acorn cap!
We love Brambley Hedge here(which is the big book you can see in the backgro
und. Also in this photo are two of ds's wooden gnomes, they are so cute and tiny and he had a ball making them when he was nine. Now if I could only find his pocket knife maybe he could do some more whittling!
The second picture shows another acorn fellow in the moss garden youngest son insisted we needed on the table! Then you can see how our family of Banksia men has grown! Finally in the back of the table are our winter gnomes...because it is officially winter here now! Still as we love autumn so much, and as we are 
still finding autumn leaves we will continue to meld the seasons on the table. A bit like life really isn't it, things change ,some stay the same, the tide moves on, yet there really is nothing new under the sun; its all been played out before.

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