Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain into Snow

Rain falls
Leaving the clouds that raid the sky.
They said the day would be grey.
I slid my hands in my pockets,
Walking carefully not to slip in puddles
Or slop mud on my pants.
Then, in a magical moment, the drops began to slow and I watched
As from dripping to drifting,rain changed to snow.

Well it did rain today(a bit!) and we are studying doublets.
Now can you :

Put MILK into PAIL


Change MICE into RATS



Mary said...

Oh my Lordy! I had absolutely no idea the magnificent complexity of dear old Lewis Carroll. What an absolute genius this man wwas - that or stark raving mad. Phew.

You don't happen to have the book compiled and edited by
Edward Wakeling called, 'Lewis Caroll's Games and Puzzles' do you?

Aliadelaide said...

No Mary I don't,are you offering to lend it?