Monday, June 15, 2009

Sanctifying the ordinary

I have always loved the art of Vermeer but never until this recent post by Holy Experience have I been able to sort out why. What is it that brings me back in fascination time after time just to stare. And why do I come away feeling so refreshed and encouraged. Thank you Anne!Now I know:
it is this beautiful ability to capture the ordinary, to sanctify the homely.

Yes we see an astronomer looking at a globe, but nothing is resolved, no mind-shattering discovery appears to have taken place.

And what of the painter. It may in all probability be a grand painting when it is completed but we don’t know that, we can’t tell yet. More we get an impression of the hours of endless working, the minutes of ordinariness that go into the completed work. But one of my favorites like Anne is the woman pouring milk. What a very normal unexceptional thing to do. Oh what marvelous talent our Creator has to put into the mind of mankind his own creative spirit glory be to Jesus!

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Anonymous said...

I love Vermeer's work as well. I loved your explanations of what you see in these paintings. The background music is lovely.
God Bless