Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Twelfth Birthday!

It has taken a few days to put this post of Master 12's birthday up. As I mentioned in an earlier post this day was also Pentecost Sunday plus a violin concert. I am amazed at how ds managed to perform so well during the concert(given he was the most junior player by age and book level in many of the pieces. I did observe that his violin "slipped " off his shoulder after about the second piece(!)and he did use a phenomenal number of tissues, but his staying power....does that have something to do with turning twelve....well all I can say is "go Toby!"

So anyway he was feeling a little bemused when we got home from the concert, as I think the above picture clearly demonstrates. But he managed to cheer up at the sign of his favourite meal(chicken snitzel with oodles of garlic mashed potato and buttery peas(okay so it was skip the garlic for his serve, but it was his birthday!). And he was able to clown around with his younger sibling.

He was pretty pleased with his presents too, especially the scarf and hat Mel stayed up most of the previous night to get finished in time for him.And he enjoyed looking at the caramel mud cake he'd chosen for his birthday cake although he could only eat just the tiniest piece and after that he was off to bed pronto! He woke several times in the night and has been unwell on and off since. Now we all seem to be coming down with the same virus...ah well it is winter, and to quote a good Canadian friend of ours"what can you do?"!


Anonymous said...

I hope that you will all soon be feeling well again - nice photos.

Aliadelaide said...

thank you Jillian.ds(8) is almost recovered but ds(12) has come down again. I am especially grateful to dh who has stayed strong in nursing us all!!