Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Lillypilly Crafts"

I am privileged to have as a very good friend a homeschooling mother who is also a talented artist and crafter in her own right. Her home is full of examples of Anna's talent and of that of her children as you can see in the pictures below.
Anna and her daughter have recently started up a small business to offer these crafts to others.I was very excited when I visited today to see the beginning of her winter seasonal display. She was quick to assure me that the display is in no way completed yet as many other little "characters" are still waiting to introduce themselves to her.
However I think you will agree it is an amazing work already and I look forward to meeting new members of the winter table as they introduce themselves!

A close-up of the Royal Winter family

Pa and Ma Ingalls below of "Little House" fame were made by Joseph 10 years old!

a beautiful felted composition of the of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

And here is a sampling of the kits:

I am going to add a list of the kits that are available.
Please remember this business is run by a homeschooling family and their responsibilities are first and foremost to their own family.

The List:

"Mother Rain & Her Three Droplets"
"Royal Winter Family"
"Felted Mice in Hiding"
"Seed Pod Babies"
"Felted Mother Winter"
"Hakea Babies (in gum leaf pods)"
"Wee Felt Folk Families"
"Wee Felt Folk Keyrings"
"Boy in Kurrajong Boat"
"Hail Mary Felt Rosettes (for young children)"
"Felted Robins"
"Crows Ash Family (family made of crows ash pods)" AND MUCH MORE.....

Prices on request!

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Hi I came over from Maria Regnum and I love you rblog - it is so beautiful! Thanks for pointing us here!