Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crystal garden

 Not a very good picture but as you can see our crystals are growing albeit not on the top of the seed but on the sides.
 Today we started another type of crystals. We used charcoal to grow the crystals on.
 The solution we made up of 2Tbs of salt,bluing agent, ammonium and water.
 Ds said the fumes were horrible! To add variety f colour and to make the crystals more visible we placed different food coloring on the charcoal before adding the solution to it.
Above is the result after a week. We think they look very pretty.Below in the right of the reflection you can see what was once the Home for the Destitute in Adelaide. The building might look very picturesque now but the conditions inside when it was functioning were incredibly harsh.We were privileged today to see a play  at the Migration museum that was based on the stories of the people who were forced to live there.

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