Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OPQR:Of plumbing,quotes(and) review(book!)

Hmmm I sometimes think I am a tad obsessed with my post titles but for whatever reasons this above seemed a good fit. woke up this morning to an overly blocked toilet. Phoned our friend to cancel a play date for today. Toilet effluent then started covering the floor.Phoned plumber who was unable to visit before lunch but would arrive "sometime this afternoon".Finally finished this readaloud. A very funny sweet book which is not at all preachy so please don't let the quote I am sharing put you off reading it. The quote just fits the day...or was contemplation given to me unasked for, which I think the really good things to meditate on often are!

"Problems don't always get fixed.Lots of the time things are boring and dumb for no good reason. Or even terrible.And you can't do anything about it.That's life."
Penny thought about this for a minute. Then she sighed."I know," she said. She thought about it some more."Or maybe I don't," she said."But I'm startin to anyway, I guess." There might have been other good things to say about that, but just then a shooting star flew through the inky darkness, causing both girls to gasp....Lying like that, quiet and full and tired and home, Penny knew that everything was as it should be; everything was perfect. Just like she knew that someday soon everything wouldn't be again. But that was okay. The stars weren't going anywhere."(from Penny Dreadful by Laurel Snyder)

One thing we really enjoyed about this book was the reference to 15 other good children's books that are incorporated into the story. Great to see how many we've already read and that other people like our favourite books
An interesting thing to note:one of the chracters has two mums. This is not a plot point, just another set of characters in the story. Great to see a book that has diversity in characters when its not a major issue but rather just is:-)

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