Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waratah Adventurers Again: Worabinda Wetlands, Stirling

 Today we went to the Worabinda Wetlands, Stirling. It is mazing that all the times i have diven to and through Stirling I never knew this wetlands existed!

 Toda the group was composed of only boys. And what are the boys doing in the above picture...Looking out of a bird hide of course!
 We had a map and particular points to stop at and note things. We were also very lucky to have our own personal conservationist along to add even more information, thank you Mandy!
 One of the stopping points.
 An intersting specimen.
 Look what we spied asleep up a very high tree!!
 Looking back  across to the bird hide.
 A little bird discussion
 Further investigations...
 ...because I just liked the look of it...
Yeh a bird!

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