Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Jungle Book Part Two

 As I mentioned in an earlier post. Ds has had to prepare a Jungle Book theme diorama.Above you can see some of the trees.
 The next step was to attach the cave(having first removed the balloon of course!)
 Some of the trees were less stable than others9note: make sure you have attached planty of paper mache to your foil!)
 Blue tac was applied to the base of each tree.
 Next the trees were added to the shoe-box
 again this required a lot of patience!!
 Ds decided to add some vines to make it a very jungly diorama. The ones we used were rafia.
 Here is the jungle prior to adding the animals.
 Add the animals.
The completed diorama. Can you tell what scene from the book is taking place?


Sketched Soul said...

This turned out wonderful!!! Love the idea.

Aliadelaide said...

Thanks! Ds had such fun making it too!
By the way love your blog...have sent you an e-mail