Thursday, March 15, 2012

That's Not Garbage!

Ds had a great morning making stuff out of junk with some of his friends. The place was a hoarders paradise!
Here are some things other people have made.
Ds wanted to make something like this with nails and threads but the one thing we couldn't find in all that "junk" was nails!
What you can do with your used barbed wire!
ds made Shambles  (amongst other thins) which in layman's terms is a simple magic detector...and yes Terry Pratchett fans he is aware it needs something live added to it but he hoped to rectify that issue with one of our bantam eggs when we arrived home!!

NOTE:In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels (notably "Wee Free Men" and "A Hatful of Sky"), a shambles is a magical device used by a witch to focus her concentration and reveal the unseen causes of a current situation or perhaps the future consequences of current events or actions. It is constructed by creating an unorganized collection of string and other small available objects such as buttons and pins and at least one living thing such as a egg or an insect, and manipulating it until the desired information is revealed. The term shambles reflects the disarray of its various components.

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