Monday, May 25, 2009

At Morialta

Last week our nature trailing took us to Morialta Conservation Park.
We were amazed at how lush and green everything was after our spell of rain.
We observed amazing rock formations,noticed many different seed pods, discovered several insects(including this moth and some gigantic ants(from whom we kept our distance!).Many plants were in bloom, including two which unfortunately my camera couldn't take a close enough unblurred picture(but we can tell you they were tiny and that was one was bright pink and the other a startling red). We love the shapes of many of our Australian natives(who said God doesn't have a sense of humour!). The boys enjoyed climbing this tree when we returned from our 5km hike(note to Duncan if he is reading this(!) we went up the second falls gorge hike)and sharing their afternoon tea with several magpies. Finally just as we were leaving some fellow visitors drew our attention to the upper branches of the same tree where we spotted one of Blinkey Bill's clan!

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