Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is a family?

"The modern writers who have suggested, in a more or less open manner, that the family is a bad institution, have generally confined themselves to suggesting, with much sharpness, bitterness, or pathos, that perhaps the family is not always very congenial.

Of course the family is a good institution because it is uncongenial. 
It is wholesome precisely because it contains so many divergencies and varieties. 
It is, as the sentimentalists say, like a little kingdom, and, like most other little kingdoms, is generally in a state of something resembling anarchy. 

The best way that a man could test his readiness to encounter the common variety of mankind would be to climb down a chimney into any house at random, and get on as well as possible with the people inside. And that is essentially what each one of us did on the day that he was born." GK.Chesterton


Anonymous said...

Gotta love GKC!... and families!

Aliadelaide said...

Yep,you're right Louise...and why am I not surprised to get your comment on this post...hmmm I wonder...!!

Anonymous said...

Families - I haven't found a better alternative, imperfect as they are!

Anonymous said...

I wonder!